Consumer Class Actions

Confronting fraudulent practices and protecting consumers rights.

Insurance Coverage Disputes & Bad Faith

When an insuance company fails to fulfill its obligations
to the insured, they need to be held accountable.

Cemetery Desecrations

When a loved one has been buried in the wrong cemetery
plot or their grave has been desecrated.

Auto & Truck Accidents

When injury or death occurs due to another party's
negligence, misconduct or inaction, it is an outrage.

Attorney Referral & Co-Counsel Information

Florida & United States Personal Injury Attorney

Edward M. Ricci works with attorneys here in Florida and throughout the U.S. in their home venues. Ed has co-tried cases with local counsel across the nation including but not limited to: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Ed hasn’t been to all states – 25 down and 25 to go – he hasn’t been to Maine yet!

Why Join Us – Experienced Attorney

  • Ed has accepted referrals and represented thousands of individual plaintiffs.
  • Ed has served as co-counsel to attorneys from around the country not admitted to practice in Florida, but needed co-counsel to help prosecute a case in a Florida court.
  • Ed has helped attorneys outside of the state to prosecute cases in their home venues where his expertise and resources were helpful.
  • Ed has won numerous verdicts and settlements (excluding mass torts and class actions) for individuals exceeding more than $600 million.
  • Ed has been profiled in Best Lawyer in America for more than 20 years.
  • Ed is a former Chairman of the Products Liability Section of the American Association for Justice.
  • Ed is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Justice Association.
  • Ed has been recognized as Public Justice's 2018 Trial Lawyer of the Year.

Read about notable cases below, or please call Ed Ricci to discuss a specific type of case. If the fit is right, together we can obtain justice for your client. Remember; “Justice is the goal – Money is Simply the Proof that Justice Was Done!”

You can learn more about Ed and his law firm here on this website. We look forward to serving your litigation needs.'

There is no charge for initial consultations and our firm only accepts cases on a contingency fee basis. If you are considering co-counsel for your case, let’s have a conversation. Attorney Edward Ricci is happy to put you in touch with attorneys and experts around the country who have worked with him. He can be reached at:

Edward M. Ricci, P.A.
8895 N. Military Trial
Suite 102E
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Telephone: 561-748-8000

Pursuing Justice.

For more than four decades, Edward M. Ricci has specialized in civil trial law. He pursues justice for victims in the areas of consumer class actions, auto accidents, personal injury and wrongful deaths, cemetery desecrations, insurance litigation and consumer claims. The firm serves consumers throughout Florida and the United States.