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Insurance Coverage Disputes & Bad Faith

When an insuance company fails to fulfill its obligations
to the insured, they need to be held accountable.

Cemetery Desecrations

When a loved one has been buried in the wrong cemetery
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When injury or death occurs due to another party's
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Insurance Bad Faith - Insurance Denials & Mistreated by Insurance Carriers

Representing Consumers throughout Florida and the United States

Insurance companies are in the business of protecting their insureds by spreading risks. In so doing, they are entitled to make a fair and reasonable profit. However, in the conducting of their business, insurance companies "owe a duty to the insured to exercise the utmost good faith." Baxter v. Royal Indemnity Company, 285 So.2d 652 (Fla. 1st DCA 1973).

An insurance company must put the interest of the insured ahead of its own. When it fails to do so, it is presumed to have acted in bad faith. Examples of Insurance Bad Faith can include:

  • Failing to promptly and fully investigating a claim.
  • Not fairly and honestly evaluating a claim.
  • Not advising its insured of all opportunities for settlement.
  • Not advising the insured of probable outcome of litigation.
  • Not warning the insured of a possible excess judgment and advising the insured of its right to obtain independent counsel to protect itself for its exposure to damages beyond liability limits.
  • When the insurance company fails to put the interest of the insured first.
  • When the insurance company fails to fairly consider all offers of settlement that are not unreasonable under the facts and the law and to settle if possible where a reasonably prudent carrier would have done so under similar circumstances.
  • When the insurance company fails to defend the case correctly.

Edward M. Ricci, P.A. is there to represent those consumers who have been wrongfully denied or mistreated by their insurance carriers. In 1982, the state of Florida enacted the Florida Unfair Claims Practices Act to protect Florida consumers from insurance companies that do not make good faith efforts to settle claims. Ed Ricci is uniquely qualified to handle insurance bad faith cases. He has spent much of his career defending insurance companies in "bad faith" cases. This provides the firm with an in-depth and invaluable understanding of how the opponent thinks and operates in these situations.

Some of Ricci's most notable cases include:

  • Ager v. Sentry Insurance which is the first case tried under the Unfair Claims Practices Act
  • Wilson v. Sentry Insurance challenged the application of ERISA law to blatant fraud
  • Chipps v. Humana which is one of the largest managed care verdicts in U.S. history

Attorney Ed Ricci has also co-authored the articles “New Areas of Bad Faith” and “The Cancer of Managed Health Care.”

To learn more about insurance bad faith – or to receive a complimentary review of any potential case, please contact our law firm online or call us at
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For more than four decades, Edward M. Ricci has specialized in civil trial law. He pursues justice for victims in the areas of consumer class actions, auto accidents, personal injury and wrongful deaths, cemetery desecrations, insurance litigation and consumer claims. The firm serves consumers throughout Florida and the United States.