Consumer Class Actions

Confronting fraudulent practices and protecting consumers rights.

Insurance Coverage Disputes & Bad Faith

When an insuance company fails to fulfill its obligations
to the insured, they need to be held accountable.

Cemetery Desecrations

When a loved one has been buried in the wrong cemetery
plot or their grave has been desecrated.

Auto & Truck Accidents

When injury or death occurs due to another party's
negligence, misconduct or inaction, it is an outrage.

Speeches & Speaking Engagements

Personal Injury Attorney Edward M. Ricci

Consumer Justice Attorney Edward M. Ricci has given presentations to litigators and legal professionals as part of continuing legal education (CLE) seminars and his desire to share experience and knowledge while giving back to the legal profession. If you have questions about any of these presentations, or would like an outline or a copy of the actual presentation, please contact Ed.

  • Lecturer, "DAUBERT vs. FRYE: State and Federal Court Cases in Florida.
  • Lecturer, “How Jurors Perceive Trial Lawyers: A CLE Presented by Edward M. Ricci”
  • Lecturer, “Jury Selection in Insurance and Bad Faith Cases”, Florida Justice Association Workhorse Seminar
  • Lecturer, “Plaintiff's Closing Argument: Motivating the Jurors on the Plaintiff's Side to Fight for Your Client in the Jury Room”, American Bar Association
  • Lecturer, "How the Public (Juries) Perceives Trial Lawyers", AFTL Jury Selection Seminar
  • Lecturer, "How Juries Perceive Trial Lawyers", AFTL Personal Injury Seminar
  • Lecturer, "Law 101: Basic Bad Faith Law", AFTL Insurance Bad Faith
  • Lecturer, "Update on Litigation Black Box Issues and Other Resources from ATLA Exchange", ATLA Annual Convention
  • Lecturer, "Preparing and Presenting Your Expert in a Contested Liability Case", AFTL Auto Negligence Seminar
  • Lecturer, "Identifying the Crashworthiness Case", AFTL Advanced Trial Skills Seminar
  • Lecturer, "Shake Rattle & Roll", Paralegals Training
  • Lecturer, "Shake Rattle & Roll", Kansas Trial Lawyer Association
  • Lecturer, "Preserving the Bad Faith Claim in the Automotive Case", PBCTLA Seminar
  • Lecturer, "Direct Examination of Expert Witnesses", AFTL 2004 A.J. Cone Trial Advocacy
  • Lecturer, "Identifying the Bad Faith Case in an Auto Negligence Action", AFTL Convention
  • Lecturer, "Cross Ups in Cross-Examination in Deposition of Engineering Experts", AFTL Annual Workhorse Seminar
  • Lecturer, "Proof of Damages in the Auto Case", AFTL Auto Negligence Seminar
  • Lecturer, "Preserving the Bad Faith Claim in the Auto Case", Auto Negligence Seminar, AFTL
  • Lecturer, "Bad Faith, Product Liability and What I've Learned in 25 Years", AFTL
  • Faculty, National College of Advocacy, Washington, D.C.

Pursuing Justice.

For more than four decades, Edward M. Ricci has specialized in civil trial law. He pursues justice for victims in the areas of consumer class actions, auto accidents, personal injury and wrongful deaths, cemetery desecrations, insurance litigation and consumer claims. The firm serves consumers throughout Florida and the United States.